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Saturday, December 16, 1995

Noel Gallagher & Bonehead - Oasisinet Webchat - 16th December 1995

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The following are edited transcripts from Oasis' first on-line chat.Before their gig at the KOME Holiday Festival in San Jose, California, Noel and Bonehead sat down to answer some questions from their on-line fans.

"Backstage" -- Noel and Bonehead. "Host" -- KOME Host

Backstage: Noel's here. Get the questions rolling...

Host: Question from Moz: Are you off your tree? If not, why not?
Backstage: The night is still young..

Host: Question from Lemonhead: Are ya comin' to Montreal?? Oh, and do you like lemonade???
Backstage: Don't know about Montreal. Yes, I like lemonade.

Host: Question from Wotan CCC: What are your thoughts on the American music scene?
Backstage: Not much.

Host: Question from digsy: What are the names of the "3 numbers ones and the number two" you recently wrote?
Backstage: Can't remember, sorry.

Host: Looks like Bonehead is going to join us!
Backstage: Any questions for the rest of the band? They are here...

Host: Question from Chrisap: Do you guys ever make lots of new friends when you go on tour.. And do you stay friends with this person as long as you can??
Backstage: Yes we do.

Host: Question from digsy: Hey bonehead... do you remember flying a kite in Michigan before a show on the last American tour?
Backstage: Yes. With them two girls. They here?
modbird: yes....how ya doing Bonehead!
Backstage: Everyone's fine. More questions!!

Host: Question from modbird: Liam....why don't you wear your glasses anymore?
Backstage: He lost them.

Host: Question from Fifi: When are they playing in Dublin?
Backstage: March. Two nights at the Point Depot. Sold out. Backstage: Sorry.

Host: Question from Psyclone: Who are some of your favorite bands? lemonade: this is waaay too cool! :)
Backstage: Radiohead, Cast, Paul Weller, Primal Scream, Verve, Stone Roses, Black Grape, etc.. Psyclone: mine is Smashing Pumpkins, but you guys are up there!

Host: Question from Carolem: What does Noel think of Jeff Buckley?
Backstage: Weird.

Host: Question from Modish: When can we expect a full tour of the US?
Backstage: Tour in April. Backstage: Dates on-line soon

Host: Question from modbird: what do you think of new northern bands like northern uproar or heavy stereo?
Backstage: Northern, okay... Stereo, the best!

Host: Question from Fifi: Are they coming to Belfast, then?
Backstage: No plans for Belfast yet.

Host: Question from Moz: Noel, were you bummed when you lost the singer spot in the Carpets to Tom? Do you think they'd still be signed if you were the singer?
Backstage: Can't remember that far back. Backstage: No on the second question.

Host: Question from me: Do you guys have a web site? What's the URL?
Backstage: Yes!! http://www.oasisinet.com/ Backstage: or e-mail ginger@cts.com

Host: Question from lemonade: What would you define your sound as?
Backstage: Loud!

Host: Question from me: What songs do you plan on playing tonight?
Backstage: Live Forever, Morning Glory, Wonderwall, Roll With It, Supersonic, Don't Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova

Superchuf: Do you like Blur - truthful answer
Backstage: NO!

Host: Question from digsy: What's the story on the rumoured Maine Road and/or Wembley stadium gigs?
Backstage: No plans set. Keep a look out!

Host: Question from modbird: How do you make the best of touring America...seeing as it's obviously a VERY different environment than England?
Backstage: Watch more TV. Like the chat shows.

Host: Question from digsy: What other Beatle songs are you considering covering?
Backstage: Helter Skelter.

Host: Last question is from lemonade (and a good one ): What are your fav shoes???
Backstage: Patrick Cox loafers. lemonade: very cool,...adidas gazelles here!

Host: Noel and everyone else .. Thanks for stopping by ... Look forward to hearing you!
Backstage: See you later. Thanks for everyone showing up.