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Monday, April 01, 1996

Noel & Liam Gallagher + Guigsy - Alternative Rock Monthly - April 1996

Q- DM was overexposed and slagged by the press when it became successful. Plus you were misquoted several times in many established UK magazines. How's it been going with album number two?
A- "Publicity is never a factor for us when we have an album," responds Noel, who's much more jovial than his snarly younger brother. "Sure we get a lot of press seeing that it is an album and all, something new, but we never rely on it. I'd rather they slag you off than not write about us, y'know what I mean."

Q- So just how has the band grown? Are things coming easier second time around?
A- "The lyrics get harder and the music gets easier," says Noel. "I'd say it has been a growth for us. We worked hard to put this together and it doesn't stop as we are set to move onto the third record already. The lyrics, however seem to hold us back. That seems to be the problem we have had to deal with while recording-other that that everything has been alright. You try to better yourself each time. With each one being classic the next gets harder to do, but that's the standard you set and what you have to overcome."

Q- Has the legendary sibling rivalry between Liam and Noel affected the way Oasis has had to create material?
A- Liam answers, "Things happen in a band. They are supposed to happen-especially betwwen brothers. But with music it's music isn't it? What we create is more important than what happens within this band."

Q-What's it like being successful?
A- Liam responds, "It's a pain in the ass. Actually, it makes things a lot more stable than it was."

Q- Is Oasis out to conquer the world?
A- "Our aspiration is to conquer the planet," says Liam. "North America is just part of that."

Q- Is it hard to crack North America wiht the British sound seeing that most British acts have done poor album sales here so far?
A- "It's not that hard to crack if you have the right music," states bassist McGuigan. Liam interjects and says, "You just have to do it a bit at a time. We need to play here and get the fans, then come back and win them over. That's the plan."


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