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Sunday, August 04, 1996

Noel Gallagher - Oasisinet Webchat - 4th August 1996

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Oasis: OK. Noel's here ...Oasis: Let's have some questions...

CR: Homer asks: after all that's happened over the last three years... what makes you truly happy?
Oasis: Playing live and making records

CR: From Townsend: Whats in yer pockets, blokes from Oasis?
Oasis: 210 pounds! and ... that's it!!!

CR: doc asks: what is the status on the live album?
Oasis: demos recorded for a new album. just waiting to go into the studio to record.
Oasis: don't know about the live album yet.

CR: From SISA01: Do you prefer big or small gigs?
Oasis: i like both.

CR: from al: When did Noel start to play guitar?
Oasis: started at six

Chris: from Shari: Is there going to be a b-side compilation in the States?
Oasis: hopefully a compilation in the near future. no plans, yet!! but soon.

CR: Karll asks: when will Oasis be releasing their next new single, and what will it be?
Oasis: new single in the UK in January '97. don't know which one or the title yet.

CR: Stellar asks: would they ever consider coming to south africa, I'd love to see them live.
Oasis: we've not been asked.
Oasis: but we'll play anywhere!

CR: Homer asks: are there plans to do the next James Bond theme?
Oasis: no

CR: jeepers asks: did you ever think you would be this big?
Oasis: no

CR: stefan asks: any plans for a gig in berlin?
Oasis: no

CR: redskies asks: In Champagne Supernova, you say "Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a canonball" Well which is it? Fast or slow?
Oasis: it's a lyric. that's it.

CR: pigeon asks: are you playing any new songs on these tour dates?
Oasis: yes: "my big mouth" and "it's getting better man".

CR: modgirl asks: lot's of my friends plan on wearing Man City shirts to the shows. Is this a good way to get your attention, or is there a better way?
Oasis: it's a good way. but there are better.

CR: cnn asks: what are your feelings on bootlegs?
Oasis: don't mind

CR: HeRoN!can you ask please: how do you feel about being compared to the beatles? even rated as better!?
Oasis: flattered and embarassed

CR: BombJack asks: How moshed-up is the band??
Oasis: not at all

CR: Valved asks: do you plan to work with Paul Weller again?
Oasis: yes

CR: NoelRulz asks: Ask Noel if he's learnt to drive his Roller yet :)
Oasis: no

CR: moonshado asks: will bonehead sing in future concerts?
Oasis: absolutly not

CR: Oasisgirl asks: Liam what is your favorite song that Noel has written?
Oasis: liam's not here

CR: moonshado asks: Will bonehead sing in future records?
Oasis: nope

CR: amanda in scotland asks: any plans for a haircut?
Oasis: maybe in a few weeks

CR: From Beavis: What's your favorite Beatles song?
Oasis: Ticket to Ride

CR: mastrplan asks: will u please play the masterplan in cork on aug 14?
Oasis: yes. i will.

CR: Stellar ask: why does every '"indie/brit pop" band have to have "coming home" or "alright" in their songs, at least one that is?
Oasis: maybe they're all lost and feeling alright

CR: Noelle asks: Is Maine Road going to be released on video?
Oasis: yes

CR: carpbunny asks: What's your favorite movie?
Oasis: Star Wars

CR: auntjessi asks: why does Noel claim to have the 28 min. Helter Skelter bootleg--I've seen one but it was a fake!
Oasis: i don't

CR: ]-[omer asks: who decides on the set list for gigs?
Oasis: me

CR: Valved asks: How do you feel about the Sex Pistols reforming?
Oasis: seen them twice thought they were fucking brilliant

CR: stefan asks: will there be a video with all the music videos available?
Oasis: yes. soon. but no real plans yet.

CR: karll asks: Whats Noels favorite food?
Oasis: fried kuyadu

*OasisGirl* my question is "Noel how does Meg feel about you going on the road with all the birds there ready to shag?"
Oasis: don't know

CR: are there any bands out currently that you admire or like? (besides Oasis)
Oasis: all Oasis tribute bands

CR: carpbunny asks: how do you feel about all the recent deaths due to heroin in rock?
Oasis: not bothered

CR: Talk2Nite asks: what does the band feel about making videos?
Oasis: horrible

CR: mophead asks: when are you planing to tour the west coast of America?
Oasis: November

CR: : which does Noel think is the best song off the forthcoming album?
Oasis: all of them

CR: heron asks: could you please ask: When do you plan to return to scotland, or is that too far away to think about?
Oasis: don't know

CR: do you really think that the fighting between noel and liam will break up Oasis?"
Oasis: no

CR: mophead asks: due to popular rumor...whats the story on Liam and Patsy getting hittched?
Oasis: no plans as yet

CR: cmc asks: how does it feel to play at loch lomond?
Oasis: fab

CR: whatever asks: Why was Liam kicked out of school?
Oasis: He wasn't. I was.

CR: Moonshadow asks: Does Alan have a girlfriend?
Oasis: yes

CR: townsend asks: did you ever read the Beano?
Oasis: yes

CR: I'd like to know what they think of America, if it's really anything to shout about once you think you've made it?
Oasis: america is cool but it's too big

CR: jordache asks:which bands will support you in stockholm on wednesday?
Oasis: the bluetones

CR: al asks: whats noel's fav guitar
Oasis: epiphone casino

CR: rik asks: Can't wait to hear the collaboration with The Chemical Brothers -- is there going to be dance-orientated stuff a la Underworld?
Oasis: don't know

CR: This one is from me: What's uncool about it being too big? Just wondering :)
Oasis: there's nothing uncool about being too big

CR: mophead asks: noel, how does it feel to be considered the next lennon by peoples such as me?
Oasis: very flattering

Oasis: Thanks to everyone! I've got to go now! Cheers!!!
CR: Make sure you listen to the RealAudio broadcast in just an hour!

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