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Monday, December 01, 1997

Noel Gallagher - NY Rock - December 1997

In addition to being the creative force behind Oasis, Noel Gallagher is an outspoken and humorous provocateur. With the exception of Marilyn Manson, his name is probably tossed around more than any other celeb's in the rock press today. In fact, the public's love affair with Noel is probably second only to the one he is having with himself. Gabriella recently put a tape recorder in front of Noel's lips to garner the following interview.

Are you going to record a live album during this tour?
We're going to do a live album when I run out of ideas for songs, or if Liam starts writing Oasis songs (ha ha ha).

So are there going to be any family fights during the tour?
Of course, we're going to fight! Let me see... Today's Tuesday. How about next Friday? I think 11:30 would be nice. We're planning to do twelve rounds. Is that OK? Tickets are sold on the table over there.

During the last tour Liam just left...
But that was last time, somebody is always going to flunk out. You know people in bands are creative and that can be annoying. What I don't understand is why people think it's so important and interesting if two brothers fight occasionally. What's the big deal? I guess the media and the people are always going to believe what they want to believe anyway. There's really nothing I can do about it.

Why doesn't Liam give any interviews?
'Cause everybody wants to talk to me. I'm writing the songs.

Your interviews get you into trouble occasionally...
People take me too damned serious. I mean half of the time I'm just cracking jokes anyway. I think I've been on almost every cover of almost every magazine. Well, no, I haven't been on some covers but there are also magazines where I don't want to be on the cover. I think I've been on enough covers to please my ego. It's just part of the job you know. You're recording an album and then you've got to talk about the album. It would be great if you could just record an album without doing interviews and photo sessions, but then the people wouldn't know that there is a new album. It's just part of the job I guess.

If somebody asks me if I do drugs and I say yes, then they're making a big deal out of it and they probably sell more if that's on the cover. People are asking me questions and I answer them. That's it. I don't do anything else. I'm not even trying to be shocking. I just answer.

George Harrison claimed that Oasis is just a band for teens and that you'll soon be forgotten...
George Harrison was always the silent Beatle. Personally, I think he should keep that image up, but I guess he's right. Yes, Oasis is a band for the young. We're making music for teenagers. I can't see anything wrong with it. We only recorded three albums so far and I don't know if people will forgot about us or not. Only time will tell.

Did that influence your views? After all, you have always named the Beatles as your heroes...
We've been compared to the Beatles pretty often. I don't think it's just because the Beatles were better than we'll ever be, but it's still nice to be compared with them, you know. I think they were a far more innovative band than we'll ever be. The Beatles are still my heroes.

You started recording Be Here Now in Abbey Road studios but finished the album elsewhere...
It was nice to be in the same room where some of the best songs ever were written. It was just nice to be there, you know. We recorded “Magic Pie” and “Stay Young” there. Then we left because there were complaints. Complaints about the noise. Can you believe that? In a recording studio? But you know, it served its purpose.

So what's new and different about Be Here Now?
It's got a different cover.

It's no secret that you don't like Blur, but what are your reasons?
Noel Gallagher Because Damon Albarn is a fucking knobber. And his guitarist -- who I thought was all right -- seems to think that he's some intelligent superhuman being, the fucking idiot. I never met the drummer and the bassist, who I first didn't like and thought he was a cunt, turned out to be quite all right. But I don't like the music, and I don't like the singer. I don't know what they stand for. I think they're just a bunch of fakers. They're just a money making commercial pop-machine who'd do anything just to turn in a few quid.

What was your reaction when you heard about the tragic death of Lady Diana?
In general, I'm not a fan of the royal family, but the circumstances of her death were really shocking. Especially how the press reacted and how it looked like they'd get away [with it] again because they invented the story that the driver was drunk. I thought they might change the laws, but... Well, it's really sad but that's life: shit happens.


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