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Friday, January 01, 1999

Noel Gallagher - Select - January 1999

Do I Not Like That

The first futuristic thing Oasis have done - Noel's inaugural e-mail interview

What were you doing on 31 December 1989?
I was probably in the Hacienda completely wasted. Then again...could've been anywhere.

What will you be doing on 31 December 1999?
Probably at some over-hyped, extremely boring 'Mega-Event' in London somewhere...don';t really know.

What's your album of the '90s?
1 'Definitely Maybe'/'Morning Glory'/'Be Here Now' (for personal and financial reasons)
2 'Nevermind' - Nirvana
3 'Stanley Road' - Paul Weller
4 'Urban Hymns' - The Verve
5 'Moseley Shoals' - Ocean Colour Scene
6 'Dig Your Own Hole' - Chemical Brothers
7 'The Bends' - Radiohead
8 'Give Out But Don't Give Up' - Primal Scream
9 'When I Was Born For The 7th Time' - Cornershop
10 'Check Your Head' - Beastie Boys

Your book of the '90s?
Books are rubbish!

Your film of the '90s?
'Pulp Fiction'

What's your favourite tour bus video?
We don't do tour bus videos. Tour buses are not for watching the f*****' telly on. That's for students.

What's been the most impressive place you've visitied during the last decade?

What's been the greatest moment of the '90s for you?
Knebworth and meeting Alan McGee at King Tut's

Do you still regard the Diana phenomenon with a healthy cynicism?
Little Insignificant Tale Of A Posh Bird
Bird gets born, bird's family live off the poor, bird marries into The Royal Family, bird's new family's whole history is to live off the poor, bird doesn't mind this at all, bird then gets a conscience, walks through minefield (and if you believe that, you'll believe anything), bird dies in crash. The end

Can you think of any products of the last few years that you can't live without?
Big f***-off tellies

Have you got a PC?
What do you think? Unless of course you mean Penis Crustations! [I think means No - Andrew]

What would you put in a '90s time capsule?
Fat Les' "Chris Evans Was A Ginger C***!" [sic]

Has your interest in football dwindled along with Manchester City's fortunes?
No. Unlike you and those filthy Man Utd and Chelsea fans, we will die Man City fans

Have you been to any games this season?
Several. I went to City v Fulham and was ejected from the ground for drunken swearing

When was the last time you took ecstasy?
I haven't done any drugs since June 1998 (no honestly)

Was ecstasy the drug of the '90s?
I'd say cocaine was/is the drug of the '90s, cos everyone's doing it

Do you go along with the idea that ecstasy has had a crucial influence on pop culture?
Yes, absolutely on pop music, but what is pop culture?

Supernova Heights - a Graceland for the '90s? Is it your and Meg's dream home come true?
No, I prefer the other eight

What's it like in the mod target jacuzzi?

Do the two of you give garden party?
The bestest

What's the most important musical development of the '90s?
The development of Akai Samplers and computer software (Pro Tools etc)

What do you think of drum'n'bass/big beat?
Some of it's good, some of it's shite

Any regrets about "Be Here Now"
Too many overdubs, songs too long, but not really any regrets, no

What would you say now to that section of the critical fraternity who were down on it?
We knew you didn't like us in the first place

And those among your fanbase?
F*** off, don't come back and don't buy the next one (fickle twats!)

It was reported you were in the studio a couple of weeks ago. What were you doing there?
Recording demos for the next record and it's going very well thankyou

Ever considered going solo?
Oh yes! And I probably will do a solo record soon, but it would only be a record. I wouldn't never leave the band for too long, they'd all cry!

Can Oasis be as significant in the next millennium as you've been at the end of this one?
It's not for me to say, not that I'm arsed anyway

Where is pop music heading?
Up Robbie Williams' fat arse

In all good faith (we like to think our readers are the kind of people who mistrust what they read in the tabloids) is Liam OK?
We were in the studio last week and he was rockin'. He needs to stop drinking though and write some lyrics for his tunes. I'll send him your regards, not that he'll be arsed.


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