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Tuesday, February 01, 2000

Noel Gallagher - Select/Q101 - February 2000

DJ: "You have some kind of new members, but I guess these guys were friends of yours for a while. Are they in the band or...
Noel: "If they wanna be, yeah! I mean it's up to... yeah. Well they are till next September when the tour finishes and they are welcome to stick around. They're not getting paid, like, but..."

DJ: "Really?"
Noel: "No. No. They're more then welcome to come and make the tea and stuff."

DJ: "The CD comes out in February, what's, er, is anything..."
Noel: It's a little bit different. It's a little more... You see, the last album rocked, but that's basiclly all it done. This one's a bit more focused an thought out, and it's just got better songs is the main difference."

DJ: "With this CD, I know you wrote everything, but Liam wrote a song for this one, the first time..."
Noel: "He did, yeah... It's a song called 'Little James' and it sounds very much like a certain band from Liverpool, as you'd expect. It's a pretty good attempt for the first song he has ever written. He wrote it all by himself and everyone was quite amazed really, And we decided it was good enough for the record..."

DJ: "But, like don't get carried away, man!"
Noel: "Yeah , do you know what I mean? You got your one, now sit down and shut up."

DJ: "Did he bring that to the table, or did you..."
Noel: "When we were in the studio, you'd always hear him in a room somewhere, just fanning about with an acoustic guitar. We finally nailed him onto the seat on day, 'Either play it to us, or it's never going to be used.' So he played it and we recorded it on a video camera. He went away on holiday, and when he came back, we'd done the backing track, and he walked in and sung it. It's a catchy little number. But he's had the great teacher."

DJ: "Is it all going OK with this, the cohesiveness of the band?"
Noel: "Everyone's getting on fine. As I say, it's the first time we've been on tour together. So, we're getting to know the two new members' more drunken nature, which is quite funny, cos usually we're sick of Liam's drunken babblings by about the second gig, which is tonight. But now there's tow more class drunks in the band, it should make things a lot more interesting. Yeah, it's good , man!"


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