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Saturday, April 01, 2000

Noel Gallagher - MSN Webchat - April 2000

MSNLive says: MSN in association with Oasisinet.com, Sony Music, and Electric Live, are proud to present a live WebChat with Noel Gallagher singer and songwriter with the best Rock 'n' Roll band in the world, Oasis.

The chat comes live to you from The US where Oasis are on their North American leg of their world tour. You can see Oasis live online late next Saturday Night 29th at 1:45am UK time

MSNLive: MSN has been overwhelmed with email questions from all over the world for Noel so we will get started immediately and fit in as many live questions (11,000) as possible. To ask a question live please whisper to one of our hosts and they will pass them onto me. Noel is in his Hotel Room in Philadephia.

MSNLive: Noel, Welcome online!
Noel Gallagher: Thank you.

MSNLive: Despite Boybands and tiny blonde girls clogging up the Radio and MTV playlists. Oasis are having no trouble packing huge stadium gigs across North American and beyond - do you think real Rock and Roll is only really a success for live acts in the US?
Noel: I just think that real songs written by real musicians played by real bands is just not in vogue at the moment. We'll just have to wait until this cycle passes. This isn't anything that anyone in my band or anyone that I have spoken to is worried about. I think the charts are just a reaction to what was happening three or four years ago.
We're gonna have to sit tight... and our turn will come again, you know

MSN Live: A fan asked 'Hey man, I have to say, you are probably the best band I have never seen live. I hoped to see the MTV unplugged out on CD, which takes me to my question: "Will the band ever put out a live CD?"
NoelGallagher: I think that now we are thinking of doing it now that we have a really good band. Maybe we will do one in the next two to three years.

MSNLive: 'How do you feel about broadcasting your live concerts over the internet,' asked Neil from London.
Noel: I only go off the advice from the people that work for me. They thought it was a good thing to do, and I have to take their word for it. I don't have an opinion on it one way or the other. If it means people in countries that will not see us perform can hear us play, then I think that it's good.

MSNLive: True and english folks can see the live act as a taster of the Wembley, Murrayfield and Bolton shows. What current bands (if any) are you listening to in the States?
NoelGallagher: There is a band from Texas called Cotton Mather. They have a CD out called Kon Tiki, right now, it's the only group I've have had time for. This morning I have been listening to Fleetwood Mac, a session recorded live at the BBC in 1968, it's really, really good.

MSNLive: Where are you looking most forward to playing... Bolton or Wembley?
Noel: I suppose Bolton because it's up north, and the highest collection of our fans are up north. Wembley, because, well it's Wembley. You know, a lot of famous bands have played there. I'm excited to play there, but mostly I'm just looking forward to playing in England again.

MSNLive: Shane Merriam in Toronto asks what you think of other acts covering your material (i.e. Rod Stewart, Cigarettes & Alcohol and Third Eye Blind?
Noel: I wasn't aware that Third Eye Blind had done a cover. I haven't got a problem about it. Unfortunately, I dont own any of my own material. Sony owns it so it's not up to me.

MSNLive: A fan named Sue asks ''was it you who nicked my car stereo in June 92? If so, you could have kept it and not thrown it away in next doors hedge. It wasn't that bad!''
Noel: (Laughs) No comment!

MSNLive: Joej1742 asks how much of an impact becoming a father has had on both Noel and Liam? And on the music?'
Noel: I think it has had some more of an impact on Liam. Every song he does is about is little boy now. I have probably touched on the subject on one song. You know, I haven't had enough time to spend with my daughter. She was only six weeks old when I had to tour. I look forward to spending time with her. I expect she should change my life, though.

MSNLive: Gaz asks 'Do you think your music has changed much with the influence of Gem Archer and Andy Bell?'
Noel: I don't think so. We haven't really started to write anything yet since they joined, so I can't answer that. I think you'll be able to hear the difference when you play the record.

MSNLive: Fan Ben Crawford asked, 'I heard that you were writing material for a solo album. Is this true and if so, when will it be out?'
Noel: That is true. But I don't know when it will be out. I only have three songs so far.

MSNLive: Pat Jones asked 'I would like to say that SOTSOG is an amazing album. There has been huge talks on the Internet that Gas Panic should definitely be a single, and that with SMC will raise the sales, so any chance of Gas Panic being a single?
Noel: For it to be considered to be a single will have to go down to three minutes. It's really just too long, and unfortunately, I don't think that songs sound right when they are edited down. So no, probably not.

MSNLive: The internet polls rate it very high.
Noel: It is my favorite song the album. It's just too long, though.

MSNLive: Scoob asks 'Noel, you seem to know Richard Ashcroft pretty well. Going to work with him in future? Any thoughts on his new video?'
Noel: I've never worked with Richard. His new video is great. The song didn't get me at first though after a couple of times, and I thought it was great. First and foremost, I think he's just an incredibly cool guy. If I ever had worked with him and forgotten, that would mean that my memory is really f****d up. I would like to work with him, I think he's a genius.

MSNLive: Aatomant asked 'Does Oasis plan to release My Generation as a B-side?'
Noel: I would like to go and remix it. I don't think we own the recording think the BBC owns it. I would like to re-release that whole session as a live EP. There was some talk of it.

MSNLive: Wonderwall21 is asking 'Have you enjoyed your stay in the US, which stop on the tour have you enjoyed the most?'
Noel: I really enjoyed it this time. I've grown to really appreciate it more as some place to come and work. I think one reason is that I don't hang out in bars as much anymore. So I don't get to meet so many wankers. We've done a run of really good gigs. All great, I really don't think we've done a bad one yet. I like Seattle, it was a bit dodgy because of first-night nerves. But it was good. New York is great, you know, so much to do. Really love it all.

MSNLive: Tom Scott asks 'Noel its my 18th birthday today and as you are reknowned for your partying, can you suggest the best way to celebrate? Keep up the good work.'
Noel: (Muses a moment). Hmmm... 18th birthday... Well, my suggestion is highly illegal. I'd probably get taken to court by your parents. I think you know what I mean, though. Go and have some fun.

MSNLive: Bree Mercer from Sydney in Nova Scotia is asking 'You started writing music at a young age. Do you remember the first song you ever wrote, and what was the name of it? Thanks, and Oasis rock.'
Noel: I do remember the first song I wrote, but I really can't remember the name. Do remember the first song I wrote. But I'm sure that it was some jingly jangly indie shite. I wasn't very good then, I didn't know very many chords.

MSNLive: A fan asked where you see the position of Oasis in two years? Bigger than ever?
Noel: (Pauses) Two years... hmm. A lot of people have been asking this question, but the truth is that I don't know. If you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have said that we'd be playing Wembley. The next album could sell five million or it could sell 4,000. Either way, if I'm still making music, I really don't give a shit. If people enjoy it. At some point, the numbers really become irrelevant.

MSNLives: A number of fans have asked if you have looked at or like any of the Oasis fan web sites around?
Noel: Like I was saying before really, I don't get the time to spend much time online. I really don't have any spare time now. I would need someone to work it for me. Most of my spare time I spend with my family or studio. And I can't type. I'm aware of our site, and that it's good but I don't really get involved in to be honest.

MSNLive: Have you ever thought about recording a cover of 'Ticket To Ride,' as it is favourite Beatles song?
Noel: Yes, it is my favorite Beatles song. I think that I might actually have a recording of it somewhere, done on an old acoustic.

MSNLive: Will you be doing any acoustic sets on this tour?
Noel: I think I am going to give it a rest for awhile. I do enjoy doing it, but it's not planned for this tour. I suppose if public opinion demands it, I might get me back doing it on stage.

MSNLive: There certainly was enough email (about acoustics).
Noel: We have a problem with our singer, you know. He doesn't like anybody else getting the limelight but him.

MSNLive: matthew in Edinburgh asked 'Who is Sally, and why is she mentioned in so many of your songs?'
Noel: Who? I only mentioned her in one. I haven't got a clue who she is, but she fit that bit of the song. It couldn't have been Sandy or Molly or Debbie or Angie.

MSNLive: Or Robbie and Liam?
Noel: Listen it is all f**king pathetic. Two singers with two massive egos the sizes of their arses. And they're not small arses... as big as all. So I'd just leave it done. I wouldn't pay any attention to it.

MSNLive: Geoff Watts asked 'If you were able to time travel, and went back to Abbey Road in the '60s, which Beatle song would you choose to be able to record with them?'
Noel: Probably something from the early years when they were still just a f**king great little rock 'n' roll band. Maybe from the first few albums, maybe 'I Saw Her Standing There.' From their later years, I would say 'A Day In the Life.' That's just a beautiful piece of music. But I think I'd really like to be around in 1962, '63, before they where too wealthy, because they decided to just become a studio band.

MSNLive: Both McCartney and Lennon did that one in later life Lennon in the U.S. and McCartney at his return to the Cavern.
Noel: Yeah.

MSNLive: 'Are Oasis bigger than Jesus?' asks Kristj n Sigurj¢nsson.
Noel: I think if we were all to stand on each others shoulders, we would be taller than him -- just.

MSNLive: When will you start to sign bands to big brother, asks Martin McKenna from Scotland.
Noel: Well, first of all don't really know. The label has a deal with Sony. I'm not sure if we're allowed to sign bands right now. I supposed if I felt strongly enough about a band, I could make it work out. There are records I'd like to see released, but the problem is that most artists don't want to get out of band for less than 10,000 pounds, and proper order. Unless there's some individuals up for putting their own money into it. There are some bands I'd like to see get going...

MSNLive: A fan asked 'Considering the status you now have as one of Britain's most successful rock groups and with success you are enjoying in the States, what aims and ambitions do you still have and would like to accomplish on a professional level?'
Noel: On a commercial sense don't see us getting anything in the future that we didn't already do in the past. I would be surprised if we sold another 30 million albums. It's just difficult to sustain that level of interest over several years. I just want to make better music, write better songs, and become a better guitarist. I would like to just get on with my life. If we do end up as the biggest band in the world again, I really do hope that I enjoy it better than I did last time. I just want to be happy, really

MSNLive: What guitars have you got with ypu on the tour which is your favourite?
Noel: I have really been enjoying lately playing a 1980 pink fender Tellicaster guitar with Seymore Duncan antique pickups. I also have a 1980 Rickenbecker, although I don't know the serial number. I got it from a shop that Gem used to work at and recommend to me. And I also have a brand new Gibson les Paul, it's a 1959 reissue that looks like an antique. But my favorite is the fender Tellicaster.

MSNLive: Helter Skelter says 'Ask Noel is he looking forward to the Dublin gig.'
Noel: (Laughs a bit) I'm looking forward to the drinking in the bars more. It's par for the course. We always have a good night out in Dublin. So, yeah, I am.

MSNLive: Why did you call you daughter Anais?
Noel: There was a book by a French writer named Anais Nen. We were in bed looking through baby name books and we glanced over and saw ait. We just thought it is a really cool name. It doesn't exactly rhyme with Gallagher, but it's a cool name.

MSNLive: Loads of people said on mail it was a cool name.

MSNLive: LittleJamesFeelsLove asked 'Will Revolution Song, Gettin' Older, Let There Be Love, or Carry Us All be on the next album, b-sides, or on your solo album?'
Noel: No comment.

MSNLive: Favouite footballer?
Noel: I'd have to say Shaun Goater. He's really doing the business for city now. If you asked me the greatest footballer of all time, I would say Maradonna.

MSNLive: luvbeatles wrote 'Ask Noel what is his favorite piece of Beatles memorabilia that he owns?'
Noel: I've got a carpet that was in John lennon's library, that's my most famous bit. But it's not really memorabilia, is it? I guess of that kind of thing I've got badges and stuff like that you know, old original badges. And the records, of course.

MSNLive: What has been the most memorable part of your career, asked Marci Wilson.
Noel: I remember being sat in the basement flat in Camden, 88 Albert Street. It was a Tuesday morning, and I'd had a party the night before, so I was in bed with a really vicious hangover. The phone had kept going constantly for an hour. I finally picked up the phone and it was my manager. I called him every name under the sun because of my hangover. He said that 'You've officially just become a millionaire.' I've had a few phone calls like that since, but that was the best memory of my career.

MSNLive: Meneses Bustamante sends this one for you, 'What inspires you the most for writing songs?'
Noel: What inspires me? Just listening to other people's music. I don't like personal stories, although a lot of the songs on the new CD are based on some personal experiences. But mostly, other people's music inspires me.

MSNLive: Would you take a part on the Royale Family on BBC?
Noel: Absolutely! I think they are making a film. I'd take up a part in the film. It's fabulous. Totally, I think it's just the best.

MSNLive: Helter Skelter says 'Ask Noel where is Liam at the moment.'
Noel: Liam is out shopping or in bed... but wherever he is, I know he isn't f**king working.

MSNLive: MrFen asks 'Would you consider Gas Panic to be the best Oasis song since The Masterplan?'
Noel: I have to think on at that one. [Noel thinks a moment] Best Oasis song is 'Know What I Mean.' And I do like 'Roll It Over.' Yeah.

MSNLive: Petethemeat says 'Who are your favourite British bands at the minute?'
Noel: UK bands. [Mulls a minute] Primal Scream, without a doubt.

MSNLive: Lucy In the Sky asks 'What were you thinking of when you wrote Rockin' Chair?'
Noel: What was I thinking of? I don't really know... I just remember that song happened very quickly toward the end of the session. I was probably thinking of going home. It's all about being alone, isn't it? I was probably looking forward to seeing my wife again.

MSNLive: Would you ever consider doing a movie?
Noel: Not really, I think we should stick to what we are good at.

MSNLive: Is there a documenary being made about the current tour?
Noel: Funny you should say that... I think that Channel 4 thought they'd get the access worthwhile to make a documentary. But we put a stop to that. Wouldn't want anyone to know the truth about us, would we? So I don't think there is anymore.

MSNLive says: Julie-Ann Cooper-Nichols asked 'I would like to know will the Gallagher brothers be encouraging their children to venture in the music field for their career?'
Noel: I will not encourage or discourage my kids to do anything. They can be whatever they want, a musician or actor or a dancer. I don't care as long as they're happy and healthy, they can do whatever it is that they want to do. I don't give a shit, as long as they love their dad.

MSNLive: Who is supporting Wembley ?
Noel: I think Happy Mondays. I'm not too sure. Maybe with someone else. I can't remember. That's terrible, isn't it. So that should be some interesting backstage fun.

MSNLive: Will they be at Murrayfiled ?
Noel: Yes, they're on the whole tour.

MSNLive: Ice queen says 'Ask Noel what he thinks of Communism.'
Noel: I think it's stupid. It's as ridiculous as capitalism. Any extreme is so f**kin' stupid. I think you should take some capitalism and some communism, mix with some liberalism, a little bit of socialism ... take a bit of everything ... what a perfect world it would be.

MSNLive: Would you be voting for Ken if you were in London?
Noel: Would I vote for Ken? Well i don't live in London so I don't have to f**kin' answer that. I'm well out of it.

MSNLive: One last question, Noel. Susan McKenna asked 'How many fights with Liam have you had on this tour?
Noel: None. Hardly any. Well, actually, maybe once. He would stop f**king playing the drums while I was trying to do a sound check with someone.

MSNLive: Thanks Noel.
Noel: Thanks everyone... Cheers!

MSNLive: Good luck on the rest of your tour ....
Noel: Thanks...

MSNLive: we're really looking forward to saturday night!
Noel: So are we. See you there!


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