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Tuesday, August 01, 2000

Liam Gallagher - Worldpop - August 2000

What a year it's been for Oasis. First Noel quits overseas touring amid stories of brotherly fights, then there are the rumours that the band are set to call it a day. worldpop catches up with the wildest of the Gallagher brothers, Liam, in an exclusive video interview and gets the lowdown on fights, Nicole Appleton, Noel and the future of Oasis.

Are Oasis splitting up? Everyone's saying that this is going to be the last gig for Oasis?
Liam: It is … it is our last gig … last gig of the world tour.

Are Oasis going to split up?
We're not going to split up. It's the last gig of the f***ing world tour and it's been emotional.

What's happening with you and Noel?
Nothing, nothing man, everything's sweet. Everyone knows we had an argument and he left the band for a bit, but now he's back in the band.

Is it just a normal brothers' relationship?
Liam: Well I think so, people just read too much into it. Today we're getting on, tomorrow we might not get on well.

Why are people making such a big deal about it then?
The thing about Oasis is it's like a f***ing soap opera and we can't do anything about it.

But you're always talking about the in-band feuds.
I don't play it up cos it's true, it's what happens. I said to the papers yesterday that we were splitting up as everyone else says we are splitting up so I may as well join in cos if you say you are not splitting up, then they look at you like you are f***ing daft so you might as well join in with them.

Will Oasis make another album?
Noel has said he can't see you making another record together.We are, we're going into the studio in a couple of weeks' time. We are all writing. We're going to take a few weeks off and then go back into the studio and f***ing take it easy. It might not be an Oasis album but we're just going to see what happens, we're going to write music together. Get these ideas down and see how it goes. If it becomes an Oasis album, it becomes an Oasis album, if it doesn't, it doesn't.'

Are you upset that this is the last date of the world tour?
I'm gutted it's the last gig cos it's been a bit of a f***ing stupid tour.

Do you think you've had a good year, despite your up and downs?
It's been a great year, I'm getting divorced, it's been a great year. I'm happy, I'm rocking man. Little things make me happy.

Was it good to go on stage in Milan for the first time without Noel and show him you could do it?
No not really, I just wanted to do the gig to tell you the truth. It's good to play festivals here cos the ones abroad have been a pain in the arse.

You seem a lot happier since meeting Nicole, how is it going?
Yes, it's going really well man. She's great, she's top.

Is it love?
Is it love. I don't know man, it's sommat.

Is she here today?
No, I don't know where she is, probably getting pissed somewhere.

How will you be celebrating after the gig?
I'm going to be drinking like a f****ing demon. What's new? I'm just going to get wasted with my mates and then that's it. I'm going home tomorrow and then I've got to start looking for a house. I live in London, it's where my baby is. London is a big place, it's where I can escape from things. I get a bit mithered but …'

Do you look back and think how far you've come?
I don't think too much. I just get on and do it. If you start thinking about what's gone on and what's going to be and what was the bit in the middle all about, it'll freak you out. As soon as I joined the band I stopped thinking.

Do you think you are a better band with the new guitarists, Gem Archer and Andy Bell?
This is why we are not splitting up. We have to go on and make an album with these guys and I think it will be the best record we ever do, if we all put our heads together. There has to be a little change somewhere, not musically, but in the way we record. It can't be just Noel walking in with the songs saying, do this and that. We all f***ing play together.

Are you a more democratic with your writing?
Yes, five heads are better than one. I think Noel's played his cards.

Are you still bothered that Noel wants to work on a solo album?
What's the point of doing a solo album when you're in the best band in the world? What's the point? Let's make music for this band, let's make it better, even better. We started out to be in this band and that was it. There was none of this, oh maybe down the line I'll do a solo album. Maybe down the line I'll drive a milk float, that's not what I'm into. I want to make Oasis music.

Will you stop Noel?
If it's causing this many problems, he might as well do it.

Will you have any duets on the new album?
I'm in Oasis I love my band. I wouldn't do any duets. Doing duets is for girls.


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