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A shitload of interviews from all the various members of Oasis and selected associates from the start of their career right up to the present day. These transcripts have been taken from various websites, forums and newsgroups over the years. Credit goes to those people who took the time to put these words online.

Saturday, November 25, 2000

Noel Gallagher - ITV/cd:uk - 25th November 2000

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Noel Gallagher - Rockinrio.com.br - November 2000

Oasis's Noel Gallagher says he feels "honored" and gives exclusive interview to Rock in Rio Rock in Rio will present, on January 14, one of the most important bands that have emerged from the excellent British musical scene in the '90s. For many, Oasis will become even better, for its members are getting riper and riper. In one exclusive interview, Noel Gallagher says he feels happy and honored with the festival's social purpose. The band has just been given the best live performance award from Q magazine, one of the most renowned publications in the U.K. We are going to see here at Rock in Rio For a Better World an Oasis at its very best. Check the interview with guitarist and main composer of the Manchester band below:

Q: How do you feel about performing in a festival with several other bands with different styles like Guns'N'Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, James Taylor, among others?
A: It must be interesting.

Q: Rock in Rio For a Better World has a very serious social purpose in terms of helping collect funds for education, health and other issues. For instance, all sponsors are donating 5% of their quotas for Brazilian social projects . How do you feel about being involved in such kind of festival?
A: Oasis feels honored in being involved with such a nice cause and in performing for the Brazilian people.

Q: Last month you received an award from British magazine Q for the best live performance. Does that mean Brazilians will see Oasis at its best?
A: We hope so.

Q: You are working on a new album. Is there a possibility that you show some of the new songs at Rock in Rio?
A: No, none of those songs will be played live yet.

Q: You normally include songs from other artists in your repertoire. Have these bands influenced Oasis's career? Which songs can we expect for the January show at Rock in Rio? Are you planning to record the Rock in Rio show for future release?
A: We don't know yet. We are rehearsing and soon we will decide which songs will be included in the show repertoire. There are no plans for recording the show. We have just done that in Wembley and it's going to be released as a live record (CD Familiar to Millions).

Q: What kind of memories do you keep from your last show in Brazil? ("Be Here Now" tour, 98)? What do you think about Rio de Janeiro?
A: I don't remember the show very well...But I have excellent memories from Rio.

Q: In your viewpoint, how is the British musical scene at this moment?
A: Just OK.