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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Noel Gallagher - Now - May 2002

Noel on...

...Oasis's new album, Heathen Chemistry
Making this album was a lot of fun because there were no late, drunken nights, no ranting and raving, or smashing up the equipment. I went into the studio at midday every day, left at eight or nine o'clock every night and was just there making music. It felt like we'd recaptured something special that we'd lost on the last two albums.

...Giving up drugs
It's been four years without any hard drugs. But I definitely haven't given up drinking! No way, I love to drink and smoke. You should never give up drinking, because giving up alcohol is stupid-except if you're an alcoholic, and then it's probably best that you do.

...His past behaviour and comments
I've said a few outrageous things in interviews and I've meant them at the time, but that's due to boredom and the interviewer being stupid. The thing is, if you were to hang out with me for a few days you'd go back thinking: 'He isn't that outrageous. He doesn't do that much at all. Actually, he's pretty boring.'

...What he thinks of Robbie Williams
I think Robbie is a very, very, very, very, very misguided, easily led, stupid, foolish young individual who'd definitely benefit from a slapping. I'd probably kick him down the stairs a couple of times myself, not that I'm a violent person. In fact, I don't really like confrontation. But if you could get slapped on the NHS, if they could provide it as a medical service, then I think he'd definitely need to be taken to hospital and held down by some people in white coats and just slapped about the face for half an hour. He's a fake, he's a complete fake. Robbie's probably the biggest fake that's ever been- and yet he thinks he's Elvis. I had the displeasure of watching his film, Nobody Someday, when it was on telly recently and I felt like vomiting after about five minutes. Apart from that, he's a nice guy!

...His brother Liam
Liam is another foolish young boy who would benefit from a slapping. I don't constantly despair of him or what he says, but I do think, sometimes, he should just hold his tongue. Fortunately, he's a bit less wild since he's become a dad. He's cut down on his drinking, but he still drinks and when he's pissed he's a complete arsehole. While we were making the album, I actually liked him for a while and when I heard Born On ADifferent Cloud, which he wrote, I actually felt proud for a moment.

...Liam's songs
I like them a lot, otherwise I wouldn't play on them. But I still think he's an arsehole. I can separate the two - the music and the person behind it. I mean, I like John Lennons music, but I think he was probably one of the biggest arseholes to strap on a guitar. I like McCartney's music but he was a bona fide arsehole - and still is. And I like Keith Richards' music and he's, a dickhead.

...Liam's comment that they're both better off without their ex-wives
I can understand that Liam's better off without Patsy Kensit, because she was a fuckwit of the highest order. But I don't like talking about my ex-wife [Meg Mathews] because I'm more mature than that. It's like some people think the song Force Of Nature is about her as its lyrics are about someone taking my cash. But it's not. Whatever I have to say, I'll say to her and not to the press.

...His divorce from Meg Mathews
You'd think I'd be a bit bitter about that. But I'm not, because getting divorced is just a fact of life. I never sit and brood on life and think:'Oh, if only' You've got to get on with life, you've got to try to cram as much into it as you possibly can, because time's running out.

...Girlfriend Sara MacDonald
Yeah, I'm in love with my girlfriend. I wrote a song She Is Love about how lovely I think she is. I guess romantic is probably one of the words you could use to describe me. In the past I've definitely shied away from using the word 'love' in songs, but I'm an older gentleman now - I'm 35 - so I really couldn't give a toss if people think it's soppy. That song's real, and it's how I feel about her. But I wouldn't like to dwell on that kind of stuff, because it would limit the appeal of the song.

...Becoming a dad it's great.
My daughter's two now and she never shuts her mouth, it's like having a mini-me in the house. But you shouldn't live your life vicariously through your sons or daughters. They've got to be able to make their own mistakes. If they come home spangled because they've been doing drugs, you've got to just say:'Well, what are you doing that for? You look daft.' People take having kids too seriously. It's not that scary. The first two years are painful, because they're always crying and you don't know why and they get ill, and you don't know why they're getting ill and you're thinking: Am I a good father?' or Am I a good mother?' But what did you fucking expect? A 16-year-old to pop out of your girlfriend's womb and go:'OK, right, where's my room?'

...How fatherhood has changed him
It hasn't. But I've always been of the theory that kids should never change your life. That should be the other way around, my daughter has to adapt. She has to understand that I'm not always going to be around all the time, because that's the nature of my job. I mean, I was here first and I'm not changing the way I do anything for her or anybody. That's not me being arrogant, it's just that I'd end up resenting her if I had to give up being in the band, give up drinking, or whatever.

...The future
We'll make one more record and then we're out of contract, so we'll see where it goes after that. I have a house in Ibiza, so maybe I'll retire there for awhile. Then I'll probably change my mind, make another record, then retire again because I'm that kind of person. I'll always have a guitar with me though; I'll always be writing and recording songs, whether it's for me or for other people.


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