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Friday, January 21, 2005

Noel Gallagher - Nuts - 21st January 2005

Oasis and football have gone hand in hand ever since Noel decided to join his brother's band, Rain, with a batch of songs he'd written in a shed while working as a gardener.Man City's most famous fans later played Maine Road in 1996 at the height of their (What's The Story) Morning Glory album tour - one of the only gigs the stadium held before it was demolished in 2003. They also set their sights on playing the last ever gig at Wembley Stadium but were beaten to the post by, erm, Bon Jovi.With a new Oasis album due later in the year and a handful of summer stadium dates (including one at Manchester City's new City Of Manchester Stadium), Nuts met up with Gallagher Senior to chat about music, football and comedy.

Hello, Noel. Your new tour sold out in minutes. So much for the "death of Oasis" many have predicted, then.
It never ceases to amaze me how quick the tours sell out. We were in LA when the tickets went on sale. We got up one morning and had text messages from our manager saying how many we had sold. And it did actually blow me away.

Following on from your gigs at Maine Road in 1996, you're going to be playing at the new City Of Manchester Stadium this summer. Looking forward to the upgrade?
It'll be good playing at the Blue Camp - it'll actually be the first time I've ever been. I haven't seen a single game there yet, because my days off have never coincided with a home match.

So, how's the new album coming on?
The album's finished. We recorded it three times. It's been a major pain in the arse but it's come out really good. We've written 66 songs between the four of us and I think there's 11 or 12 on the album. We were going to do a double album, but we don't want to give Sony too much 'cos it's our last one, so fuck 'em."

Was there any truth in the rumour that at Glastonbury last year, you and Liam demanded trailers at opposide sides of the site?
It's a myth that Liam and I are at each other's throats all the time. I can't be bothered anymore. I've backed out of all the fighting - I'm the champion and that's the end of it.

Knowing you two, though, surely the "happy families" won't last throughout the entire 2005 tour?
Being on tour's quite difficult for us because of all the dramas that overtake the tour. But we're quite used to it now. I'm just looking forward to geting out and playing - and selling some T-shirts.

Your tour is planned for sunny June/July. Are you one of those people who hates winter?
Well, I hate Christmas and you can quote me on that. I hate the silly music they play on the radio, I hate the adverts on telly, I don't like mince pies and I hate turkey. I can't be arsed getting involved. I was on the verge of saying to my daughter, "There is no Father Christmas" - I'm looking forward to breaking the news in about two years' time.

You re-recorded Freelove Freeway with Ricky Gervais late last year as an extra for The Office Christmas Specials DVD. How much persuading did it take from Ricky to get you to do it?
Noel: It's not me on that video with Ricky. It's some guy from a tribute band in Scotland. Hang on, ask Ricky. [To Ricky, who, fortunately enough, happens to be standing next to Noel at the British Comedy Awards] It's not me on that video, is it?
Ricky Gervais: No, it's Noel McGallagher.

Do any other British comedy shows get the famous Gallagher eyebrows jiggling up and down with glee?
I watch The Office and I just milk it! I haven't seen that much of Little Britain, but I have managed to see a bit of it and I think it's very, very funny.

Who do you think will win the Premiership this season then?
There's not a cat in hell's chance that Manchester United are going to win the league this year. I think Arsenal will win it but, having said that, it'd be good if Chelsea managed to win it this time round, because it's getting a bit like Celtic and Rangers with United and Arsenal, innit? City are always the same. I reckon we'll end up finishing 11th ot 13th.

Oasis play Glasgow Hampden Park (29 June), City Of Manchester Stadium (30 June, 2-3 July), Southampton Rose Bowl Stadium (6 July) and Milton Keynes National Bowl (9-10 July). Their sixth, as-yet-untitled, album is out on 16 May