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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Noel Gallagher - MTV News - April/May 2005

Hot on the heels of news of Oasis intimate UK club dates this summer comes an interview with
Noel Gallagher in which he claims he will (not entirely surprisingly) definitely be voting Labour in the upcoming election as “it’s morally right”.

Noel Gallagher has revealed that despite not being bothered by political subjects the majority of the time, he will vote for Labour in the forthcoming General Election.

"I only get political every five years and that's when I get my ballot paper and go down to wherever it is I am living," he said in an exclusive interview with MTV News, "I laugh at the people who are obviously going to vote Conservative on the way in with their f**king wax jackets on and their sensible shoes.

"It's the only day I get political when I go down and vote, and I'll be voting Labour because I think it’s morally right.”

Gallagher also made no secret of his disrespect for the Conservative party, and its leader Michael Howard's cabinet, but also revealed another - less policy or politician-based – reason for not wanting the Tories in power.

"I will think that until the Conservative Party come up with a leader with an ounce of credibility or who is as good a public speaker or has got anywhere half the intelligence of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown” he continued, “[until then] they are finished in this country.

"Another reason to vote Labour is if you f**king don't and the Conservatives get in Phil Collins is threatening to come back and live here. And let's face, it none of us want that."


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