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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Noel Gallagher - Unknown - 26th November 2005

NOEL Gallagher looked more Johnny Cash than bad boy of rock in Sydney yesterday.
ressed in black, the 38-year-old Oasis guitarist had plenty of lip on the eve of their third Australian tour, but he was playing down the Manchester band's notoriety.

Gallagher said the band was more about the music than making headlines.

"I think we were always recognised for our music, first and foremost," he said. "There may have been a few years where the records weren't well received and we got more headlines for some of the things that went on."

Noel and his younger brother Liam have been a fixture on the front pages almost since they released their debut album, Definitely Maybe, in 1994.

Their Australian debut seven years ago was a low point, with Liam arrested for headbutting a fan.

"We weren't in a very good place as a group," Gallagher said of that first visit.

Oasis made amends with Australian fans four years later with an extensive tour that included some small-venue performances and not so much as a finger waved in anger.

This time the band is here on the back of their recent, critically acclaimed album, Don't Believe the Truth, an album "our kid" Liam had a hand in writing. The sibling rivalry is long gone, it seems.

"Our fallouts tend to be more public because we're quite forthright and we don't bullshit people," Gallagher said.

"I'm sure it's the same for Coldplay. I'm sure they don't always get on with each other, but if somebody asks us a question we're quite up-front about it.

"There are only two people in the world who are not fascinated by our relationship, and that's me and him.

"Nobody gives a f..k about it any more. It's not really relevant to what we do. Whatever we might say about each other in the press, it's all done with a very large pinch of salt."

That's not to say the elder brother doesn't regret some of the things he says.

"I'll be reading articles for the next two weeks in Australia going, 'That doesn't look good in print'. But, f..k it, that's the way I am."

Oasis have had a string of hits, including Live Forever, Rock'n'Roll Star and Don't Look Back in Anger. Many of those will be on parade when the tour begins in Brisbane tonight.

"This time it will be special," Gallagher said. "I'll be great, I can guarantee you that."


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