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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Noel Gallagher - XFM Manchester - 15th March 2006


Noel ‘The Guv’nor’ Gallagher spoke exclusively to Xfm’s Clint Boon about Oasis’s success, his desire to work with the Chemical Brothers again and Liam’s love-hate relationship with the tabloids.

With their sixth number one album, ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’, under their belts, and a US tour on the horizon, Oasis’s Noel Gallagher talks to his old boss Clint Boon about whether it’s all been down to good luck…

“There’re lots of tiny little things that have to fall into place, and there’s kind of too many to mention, but timing is probably the best one,” Noel began. “I think if we’d have put our first album out three or four years either side of when it come out we’d be talking about a completely different story here.

“We just kind of rode the crest of a wave really, I would say its fifty-fifty luck and hard graft.

“Manchester was the best place for that because there’s plenty of advertisements up in music shops of people wanting to join or form bands and stuff, there’s plenty of rehearsal rooms, there’s a mega, mega culture for starting groups in Manchester which kind of makes it really easy.”

And speaking about Manchester, Noel revealed he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of moving back up North.

“I did actually toy with the idea for a while,” he continued, “I should have done it maybe five or six years ago, but my daughter’s all grown up now and all that. But I’d definitely like to go back there to write at some point ‘cos I think some of the best stuff I ever wrote was back in town. Whether I could live there or not, I don’t know anymore. I probably could actually.”

With original producers Death In Vegas at the helm ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ could have marked a new dance direction for Oasis, but Noel reckons it hasn’t put him off working with some of his old mates again.

“We kind of thought it’s time to step outside of our own studio and go and try something a bit different, and it’s well documented that we didn’t have the right songs to go and tackle the project.

“We thought it was gonna be great, we got in there and turned the tapes on and it was a little bit shit. But I would have loved to have worked more with the Chemicals, still would actually. I still think ‘Setting Sun’ to this day is one of the best things I’ve ever done, much to Liam’s disappointment.” Although Liam’s been out of the press recently Noel insists his brother hasn’t retired from slapping paparazzi and offering pop stars out.

“No he’ll never [retire], I just think that we’ve been on the road for most of the year and he’s been out of the country for a while. But no, I don’t think he’ll ever tire of that, he loves it, I mean he absolutely loves getting it on with the press”.

Oasis are currently on tour in South American before they move onto Canada and North America.


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