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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bonehead - Manchester Evening News - 18th October 2006

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PAUL “Bonehead” Arthurs, one of the founding members of Oasis, is back on the Manchester music scene.

But he’s put his guitar to one side to become manager of Manchester-based singer songwriter Vinny Peculiar and his band, which include ex-Smiths members Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon, ex-Fall bassist Karen Leatham and ex-World of Twist’s Ben Knott.

It’s his first foray into music management, but Bonehead tells me he’s ready for the new direction. He says: “I’m good friends with Mike and over the summer he brought me a copy of the Vinny Peculiar album round and I just couldn’t take it off the system.

“I loved it, especially the lyrics, I’d not heard anything like it for a long time.

“Technically it is the first time I’ve managed a band, although in the early days of Oasis I was pretty much roadie, organiser, everything. It’s a learning curve for me but I feel so passionately about the music.”

Bonehead has been appointed in time for the release of their new album, The Fall and Rise of Vinny Peculiar, out on Monday.

And they are just as pleased to have the ex-Oasis star on board as he is. Vinny tells me: “We wanted someone who had the same passion for the band and the music as we do. Bonehead has a genuine belief in the band.”

Ex-Smiths drummer Mike says: “Bonehead has been in bands before, he’s someone who has been there and understands the music industry. We have a good banter and we’re mates more than anything.”

Bonehead, one of the founder members of Oasis, quit the band in 1999 to spend more time with his family. But he’s still in touch with his “best mate” and fellow band founder Liam Gallagher. In fact, Bonehead tells me he’s hoping to get Liam down to Vinny Peculiar’s gig in London tonight.

Still, if Liam can’t make it to that one, perhaps he could journey home to Manchester next month – as I hear the band will be playing a gig at Club Academy on Oxford Road on November 4.

Meanwhile, The Diary couldn’t resist asking Bonehead his thoughts on the release of the Oasis “Best of” album released next month. It has caused some debate among fans about the tracks selected – including early B-sides and album tracks at the expense of more recent hit singles.

Bonehead said: “It’s something we said we’d never do, as a band, but good luck to them.

“I’m on 14 out of the 18 tracks they’ve put on the compilation, so I’m happy. I think it’s a pretty good selection of tracks.”

But he added: “I got a bit worried when I heard they’d re-recorded Acquiesce as a single, and thought ‘oh no they’re going to re-record the whole lot’, but thankfully that hasn’t happened.”


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