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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Liam Gallagher - Students.ch - 1st November 2006


Hi Liam, how are you?
Thanks man, I’m sitting in my office in London.

First of all, congratulations to your Q Award (Best Act In The World Today).
Yeah man.

Is doing promo for this record different than for the other albums?
Well, not really. We’re not doing a lot of promo for this one. The music speaks for itself. We’re pretty proud of that record.

So you don’t feel kind of urged to do this interview?
No man.

Are you happy with how the album came out?
Yes, I’m pretty proud, it’s an important one. And all the songs are important. But it’s a pity that 'Rockin’ Chair' is not on it.

Please tell me about how you compiled the album.
Well, Noel came up with a list and it was pretty much decided. I wanted to put 'Rockin’ Chair' on it but I didn’t want to argue. They’re all important anyway. And they’re all great. My favourite? Maybe 'Songbird' because it is my song. (laughs)

Is there a hidden track?
Nah, I don’t think so but I don’t know anyway.

What does the title mean for you?
'Stop The Clocks'? It’s the end of a certain Oasis era and the time for a new beginning and also time to move on. It’s the last album with SonyBMG.

What about the cover by Peter Blake?
For me, it’s just a cover. Nice colours and nice stuff in it.

You never wanted to release a best-of album until Oasis would call it a day.
Of course, I’d rather be going to the studio and be talking to you about a new record. It’s better than to talk about old songs. It’s easy to put out a best-of. The label would have it done anyway so we thought we might join them instead of them releasing a singles collection.

So you don’t think that you’re going to sign a deal with a major label again?
That’s what we’re talking about right now. I don’t give a damn shit about all that business stuff. For me it’s music. At least, it will be the same people and management.

Are some Oasis shows in the pipeline?
Nah, Noel’s gonna do some acoustic shows. Andy and Gem will join him, Zak is back with The Who and I’m chilling with my children and my missus. I don’t like Oasis acoustic. I’m more into the rock’n’roll way of Oasis. I’d rather be at the shows as a guest.

You’ve written some great tunes and we’d like to hear more of them. Do you have any solo record plans?
No man. I’m Oasis. (laughs) Good title for your interview.

What does songwriting mean to you?
I’m doing it for fun, there’s not a lot of pressure. I’m kind of new and I’m still happy singing the others’ songs. I’m just sitting down and strumming some chords on my guitar. It happens as it happens.

Will there ever be a song that is written by you and sung by Noel?
I’d like to think so, that would be cool. A Gallagher/Gallagher song.

Is there anybody you’d like to collaborate with?

You were on a huge tour until March. Any spectacular shows?
Oh, Manchester was amazing and also the Madison Square Garden. And some little shows as well.

Do you remember the gig in Switzerland?
That was in that small place. I didn’t like it, it was too noisy and strange.

Next year, you’re receiving the Outstanding Achievement Price at the Brit Awards.
It’s always nice to be getting an award but we’re doing this for 15 or 17 years, I can’t remember. We’re quite relaxed. We got top tunes and we don’t give a shit about awards. It’s great to have some free booze and to have a good time, though.

What bands do you like?
Kasabian, they’re good lads and yes, the Arctic Monkeys are cool as well. There are loads of bands out there but there are hardly any that are good.

What are your plans for next year?
I don’t know. I’m waiting until the big man is calling for a new record. (laughs) And maybe I’ll be buying some new clothes.

Nah, rubbish. It’s not really interesting at the moment.

Liam, thanks for the interview. Have a nice day.
Lovely, thanks man, take care, yeah man.


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