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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Noel Gallagher - NYC LDSMD Screening/NME.com - 4th November 2006


Noel Gallagher made a special appearance in New York City on Saturday (November 4) at the world première of new Oasis documentary 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down'.

Around 400 fans, some queuing up from 3am, attended the screening at the CMJ festival and took part in the following Q&A session with the Oasis leader.

Directed by Bailie Walsh, the man behind Oasis' 'Let There Be Love' video, the film captures follows the band's Don't Believe The Truth' world tour with a collection of backstage footage, on the road perfomances along with a series of band interviews.

Following the screening, Gallagher then answered questions from fans present, discussing The Beatles, his relationship with brother Liam Gallagher - he insisted it was "as good or bad as it ever was" - and the group's forthcoming best of 'Stop The Clocks'.

He also explained why the track of the same name does not feature on the collection.

"Despite various demos we never nailed what version we're all happy with," explained Gallagher of the us-yet-unreleased song, "but the title fits where we are now."

A fan also asked the guitarist why he claims Oasis' are "the greatest band in the world".

"I only go by what's on the charts," declared Gallagher in response. "I'm not interested in what's hip to music critics, what I was actually saying when I was saying I was the greatest thing since Elvis Presley was: 'I think I'm the best thing in the Top 40 and I think anybody whose from England would probably agree with that!'."

Oasis are set to release 'Stop The Clocks' on November 20, while 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' will be screened in the UK later this month.


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