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Friday, November 24, 2006

Noel & Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer & Andy Bell - The Sun - Nov. 24/Dec. 1 2006


WE asked you to send in YOUR questions for OASIS, and you did – in your thousands.

In an exclusive interview with SFTW, Liam, Noel, Gem and Andy answer what you wanted to know.

In the first part of our chat with the band (the second follows next week) read what they have to say about Oasis members past and present, why they will never tour when they are as old as the Stones and whether Noel will ever make a solo album.

A FEW years ago Noel said Oasis would never release a greatest hits album unless it was the end of the road for the band.

Liam: I think you say that when you’re just starting out. We haven’t made the greatest hits — they’re all songs that we made ages ago.
I’m proud of it. It’s got some of our best tunes and I wouldn’t have done it unless the record company forced us to do it. I’d rather be involved in it rather than not involved. But I prefer to be doing the new record, to tell the truth.

Noel: We didn’t have to get involved with any of it but we’re never going to do another “best of”. I was trying to be as hardcore as possible but there are about 10 more songs that should have been on there.

Andy: A lot of tunes were left off. My personal favourite would have been Whatever but it was Noel who picked the tunes. This is his baby.

Gem: I would have had Listen Up, D’You Know What I Mean? and Let There Be Love on there. But there you go. I totally understand the way Noel’s done it. It’s not meant to be the box set, it’s meant to run like a good gig — and everyone knows about all the other tunes not on there anyway.

WHY are there no tracks from Be Here Now? Has Noel missed off any tracks, do you think?

Liam: Yes, I think he’s missed a few. I’d have put on Rockin’ Chair, D’You Know What I Mean? I would have put some off Be Here Now. If he didn’t like the record that much, he shouldn’t have put the f***ing record out in the first place. I don’t know what’s up with him but it’s a top record, man, and I’m proud of it — it’s just a little bit long.

Andy: Noel has purged Be Here Now from his mind — I don’t think he even remembers it. I’d like to play some of the songs live. I tried to get us to rehearse My Big Mouth but Noel doesn’t like these songs as they are all too long and take up two tracks in the set and the same for the “best of”. He probably associates it with a time he doesn’t want to go back to.

Noel: D’You Know What I Mean? was on it right up to the day before it was mastered. But it’s just too long. It upset the flow of the album. When we recorded Be Here Now I thought it was the greatest thing ever but the novelty of that record wore off pretty soon. Andy’s wrong. It was a great period. The money had just come in from Morning Glory so we had become very, very wealthy overnight. Sony had given us a private jet, I was given a Rolls-Royce but, unfortunately, the music suffered. I don’t know why Liam is saying that because, when it comes to playing them live, he won’t sing them!

LIAM, if John Lennon was still alive and you had 24 hours with him, what would you do?
TRACY WHINNETT, St Albans, Herts

Liam: Good f***ing question, man, but I haven’t a clue. I’d freak him out by looking at him, stare him out — but I don’t know. I’d probably b*m him.

ACQUIESCE is a great record. Is it true it was written while the band were on a train – and that the title totally confused Liam? TANJA BENDER, by email
Liam: I can’t remember, man, I don’t know when it was written as I was too busy having a f***ing good time. Yes, the title did confuse me. It still confuses me — I haven’t got a clue what it means. I’ve never asked Noel what it means either. The less I have to talk to him, the better.

Noel: It was written going to a studio in Wales to record Some Might Say. The train broke down and I was stuck for four hours and I wrote that song. Someone had said “Acquiesce” on the phone and I’d written it down. Liam still doesn’t know what it means. People have the misconception that song is about me and Liam, which annoys me to f***, as the lyrics in the second verse are, “To sing my soul to sleep, And take me back to bed.” It’s absolutely not about me and Our Kid and we’ve never shared a bed — and if I was looking for someone to take me to bed it wouldn’t be Liam!

HOW close did the band ever come to breaking up?

Liam: Never. We just needed a couple of days off instead of going into another country. I don’t think it’s ever come close really. We’ve had some serious arguments but as you get older you think, nah, f***. Ask Noel.

Noel: The real low point was Barcelona for the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants tour. In that period we were all drinking a lot and taking drugs.

IS it true Noel wants to make a solo album but never seems to have time. Would Liam let him?

Noel: I’ll do one eventually as life’s too short and none of us is getting any younger. I’d like to make one while I still look good and before I look like Phil Collins, which, eventually, I will. It’s nothing to do with

Liam. I’ve got the songs — I could do four solo albums.

LIAM once said he was John Lennon reincarnated. So who does he think Noel could be?
KEV HOLMES, by email

Liam: He’s f***ing Buzz Lightyear.

Noel: Buzz Lightyear? So I’m a superhero, then? Liam is Arthur Mullard.

WITH all the band members that have left over the years, if you had to pick one of them to rejoin Oasis, who would it be? CLIVE KEARNS, by email
Noel: None of them — and I don’t say that with any malice towards them as they were all f***ing brilliant and I wish they’d never left. But it led to better things.

WHO do you believe is the most talented member of the band? WAYNE BURTON, Rotherham
Liam: I’d say it’s Noel but we’re all talented in our different ways. He’s good at writing songs and I’m better at singing them. We’re all the same man. If it’s about f***ing looks, then it’s totally me.

Noel: Everyone’s got their own individual talent. Liam’s got many subtle little talents. 99 per cent of them I can’t see but he must be talented as everyone keeps telling me. Gem is a brilliant producer, Andy is a whizz at everything and a great songwriter. Obviously, everyone else will say me.

Andy: We are a band of equals. That’s the feeling that I got when I started to play with this lot. We’re all super good at what we’re doing.

Gem: I think we’re all really talented in different ways but Liam’s voice is an absolute gift from the gods. But I think Andy is the best musician in the band, and Noel’s songs — he’s one of the all-time greats.

WOULD Oasis have ever been as successful if you were all bald?

Liam: No chance. I wouldn’t go and see a band with a load of bald f***ers. You’ve got to have a barnet or it doesn’t work.

Andy: The hair’s getting a little thinner but we’re stapling it together.

Gem: In my world it goes hand in hand — shoes, guitars, hair. That’s the triangle.

Noel: Absolutely not. The way Liam looks is a big part of it. Back in the day I didn’t look that great as I was too busy getting off my head, Bonehead was bald, Guigs looked like an average man. And shoes are always good as we’re Mancunians. We dress from the feet upwards.

AFTER 12 years at the top, how long do you think you will continue? Will you be like the Rolling Stones or go gracefully?

Liam: I dunno. I didn’t join the band to split up. I joined the band because I like being in a band and I like to make music. If the tunes are f***ing good and we all look half-decent, then people will want to buy the records. I still love everything about it. This is what I like doing and it never gets boring. So who knows, man? All those bands that split up after a couple of records, well, they can suck my ****!
I love singing Our Kid’s songs and I love doing the gigs. I like the way our band’s perceived and we’ve got the best fans in the world. So why would you not like it? I’ve got nothing in common with other bands — wearing their tight kecks and pointy shoes.

Noel: We just take everything one step at a time. I don’t know how long it will go on. As long as we’re all still into it. I’d say longer after the last tour, as I’ve seen a new generation of Oasis fans.

IF Tony Blair told the Queen to give Noel a knighthood as his parting gesture before stepping down, would you accept it?

Noel: I’d initially accept it and not turn up. I’m not a big fan of the monarchy.

YOU’VE got one bullet. Who do you shoot, Robbie Williams or Phil Collins?

Noel: It always comes out wrong about Phil. I don’t give a f*** about Phil Collins. I wouldn’t shoot him. I think he’s bit of a knob though. As for Robbie, I’d load the gun for him as he’s eventually going to do it himself as he is a grossly unhappy person.

MORRISSEY used his celebrity to reform the New York Dolls. What about using your power to get The Smiths back together.
CRAIG WELLS, by email

Noel: Well if The Smiths announced a gig anywhere in the world tomorrow I’d be there and the same goes for The Stone Roses. But they properly fell out. As bad as things get in Oasis there’s always this sibling thing that draws us back together or my Mam gets involved. So it’s a pipe dream.

THE Beatles have had their music adapted for Cirque Du Soleil and Queen have had their songs turned into a musical. Any plans for Madferit: The Story Of Oasis?
JAMES, by email

Liam: Nah, I wouldn’t be up for it. Not sure what Noel would say as he’s getting weirder the older he gets — especially as he’s coming up to 40. I bet he’ll have a yellow f***ing Ferrari next, so who knows where his head will be at in a couple of years’ time? But it’s not my cuppa tea. It’s not rock ’n’ roll is it?

Andy: The Cirque De Soleil is a mad one. I’ve heard some of the music and it’s amazing. I’ll see it next time I’m in Vegas.

Gem: I sincerely hope not. I really do. I think it’s an un-Beatles thing to do.

Noel: I bought the album and I had to switch it off. I thought it was ridiculous and I didn’t get it. It was like Stars On 45. A musical? I don’t know. It sounds that f***ing ridiculous that I’m kind of getting into it.

WAS Songbird included just to stop Liam whingeing?

Liam: Our Kid put it on! It’s a f***ing tune! And I don’t f***ing whinge. Who asked that? Tell Ben he’ll be whingeing when I take my foot off his head.

Noel: No, because it’s a bona fide good Oasis song and I wish I’d written it as I f***ing love it.

DOES your success and commitment to touring and promotion interfere with your creativity?

Noel: I’d say yes it does. I used to aggressively pursue creativity. Ten years ago if I wasn’t writing a song every day I’d panic. But now I’ve nothing left to prove and I don’t mean that in a defeatist way. The only things I’ve got to prove are to myself. So even if I go four months I don’t stress. I used to chase after my creativity but now I let it find me.

ANDY/GEM, if you could have played on any songs before your time which would they be? Do you ever regret not being a part of Definitely Maybe?

Andy: I would’ve liked to have played on all my favourites like Slide Away, Champagne Supernova, Live Forever — all those kind of tunes. But it doesn’t really matter as I play them live now anyway. I don’t have any regrets in life as everything led me to where I am now. When they did Definitely Maybe I was seeing Liam and Noel as we were in the same studios a few weeks apart as I was making Ride’s third album.

Gem: It’s all what it was, what it is. It’s carved in stone. Now they’ve got a different life in my head played live. Champagne Supernova is a different record when I play it live.

DO you envisage a time when the band no longer tour?

Liam: I hope not because sitting in the studio all day is great but I’ve got to see people’s reactions. It’s a top day out at an Oasis gig, whether you’re on the stage or in the crowd so why would you want to cut that stuff short?

Andy: Yes I can, well maybe not tour so much. I can look forward to a day when we do tone it down but right now we’re still in our prime and none of us want to stop now.

Gem: No I think you’ve got to tour and that’s why all the great bands, us included, have our fans because we go and play to them. Simple as that.

Noel: Me and Andy look at things more objectively. I’m not going on the road when I’m 50! And it depends on how I look. We’ll still be touring in five years but I don’t ever want to end up like Pink Floyd. Now I f***ing love Pink Floyd but on stage at Live 8, well I’m not going out like that. I want our last photo shoot to look good. I don’t see an end to it yet but we’re not going to be like the Rolling Stones, no f***ing way — all that macrobiotic food and tights? No way.

NOEL and Gem, will you make an acoustic album after your tour?

Gem: Who knows? We’ve done loads of stuff, radio sessions and everything so all they need is for someone to put them in a sleeve. It’s weird as everything with Oasis is this rock ’n’ roll lad thing but this shows a really tender and quiet side of us.

Noel: We had a good laugh doing that tour but I wouldn’t like to make it a bigger tour. Doing the acoustic tour I was centre of attention and I’m not sure I like that. It’s weird.

YOU’VE got a docu coming out, but if Hollywood was to make the Oasis film, who would play who?
NEIL RENTON, Edinburgh

Noel: Nobody really looks like Liam and fortunately no one looks like me. We’re pretty unplayable I guess. Rhys Ifans would do a good Liam if he could get the accent right.

WAS it difficult for the band to adjust to being musical celebs?

Liam: Nah, if people ask for an autograph, sign it and move on. I don’t like it if there’s a load of people mithering me but apart from that it’s not hard.

Andy: I haven’t the same profile as the brothers so I can go down Woolworths, do my shopping and I don’t get bothered.

NOEL featured on the Radio 2 superstar line-up telly advert. Who would you have in your fantasy line-up?
DAVE MYERS, Liverpool

Liam: I wouldn’t have had Sheryl Crow. I would have had Keith Moon for a start. I would have f***ed Our Kid off and got Jimi Hendrix in. Elvis would go and I would have been in there. For backing singers, The Supremes.

Andy: I’d keep Keith Moon on drums, Noel on guitar. I’d get rid of Sheryl Crow and get John Power from The LA’s in and yes, maybe Elvis on vocals.

Noel: I’d go for Reni from the Stone Roses. Lee Mavers from The LA’s singing and playing guitar and me on another guitar. On lead guitar Johnny Marr and on bass Mani.

I SAW Oasis in Colorado and it was amazing. Do they still care about breaking the US?

Liam: What’s breaking it? We tour there. I would never want to be that huge that you’re on Oprah. I’d never want to be that big in America as they’re all f***ing weirdos. If it means going out there all the time then I’d rather be big here. The money would be nice but if that’s the only reason, then nah.

Andy: Last time we played Red Rocks, Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden so have we not made it playing those places? I feel like we have, though I feel we should be bigger. Americans would like it if they heard us more on the radio.

Noel: Our US label is conservative, Celine Dion’s on it. They’re ultra-professional and we weren’t bothered about the meet-and-greet side of it but the older I get the more I like going there. It would be great to have a No1 American album but I know what it takes to get that. The reason we didn’t break America wasn’t anything to do with the music — how can it be, our music is f***ing great. A lot of it has to do with mine and Liam’s personalities — they just don’t get it. Our record company never really got us, but I can live with that.

SO, will there be another record?

Liam: We’ve done stuff for the next record. When we recorded the last one, we recorded about 50 tunes and I think there’s an album there definitely. We’ve just got to wait for Our Kid to decide what he wants to do. If he wants to make a new record let’s go. I’m ready to go. If Noel wants to take a f***ing break then I’ll be doing the f***ing record with Gem as I don’t take breaks. He always says: “Our Kid loves the limelight, he can’t relax” Well where were you last week? In Tokyo you f***ing knobhead.
Noel: Is that right Liam? Liam sees things very differently to the rest of us. After The Brits I don’t know. Liam needs to go to anger management classes and get some manners and then maybe we’ll make another record.

YOU are set to receive the award for Outstanding Contribution To Music at the Brits in February. What has Oasis contributed to the British music scene that other bands haven’t?

Liam: The music for a start, decent tunes and not comedy music. We brought rock ‘n’ roll vibes back.
Gem: Belief. I remember when we all heard Slide Away and Rock‘n’Roll Star and it was like a revelation. We’ve given bands like Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian a sense of ambition. We showed them it could be done. We came from f*** all to the biggest band in the world in five years. When I drive up to my house in Buckinghamshire I think “Wow, where did it all go right?”

WHAT is your proudest moment since joining Oasis?
GARY BOOTH, by email

Liam: Getting a record deal — someone believing in us to go and see if we were any good.

Gem: Going on tour with my son — he’s ten. And I was very proud because he held his own.

Noel: Hearing “That’s Supersonic by Oasis” on daytime Radio 1 was mindblowing at the time. We get a bit blasé about it now. Making my mam proud, I think. When we first had a single she never really understood what we were up to. My mam is colossal.

LIAM, how do you present a new song to Noel? How critical has he been?

Liam: I don’t present them to him, he just sort of hears them. Even if it’s good he’ll walk out the room. He doesn’t encourage anyone, all he cares about is his f***ing self. He does his thing and I do mine — Gem’s more of an encouragement than Noel.

ANDY and Gem, how nervous were you the first time you played for Noel and Liam?
WES GERRARD, Leicester

Andy: There was definitely some nerves going on. Noel called me and said he needed a bass player but I was a guitar player so I had to learn that. But as soon as I walked through the door they were very
welcoming and chilled me out.

Gem: I got my nerves out of the way before I even put my guitar in the case. You can’t be nervous or else you price yourself out of the game. I think anticipation is the word.

EVERY Oasis fan knows the existence of the song Stop The Clocks. Noel even said it was the best track he’d ever written. When will we hear it?

Liam: I don’t think Our Kid can get it right. I don’t think it’s the best he’s written — it’s a tune but not his best. He’s done about four versions but he’s not happy with it so it’s a bit of a nightmare.

Andy: It is an amazing tune. It has quite a heavy theme to it and we’ve had a few goes at it. We’ll get it right one day.

Noel: Every time I write a new song I say it’s the best ever! But it’s not the best thing I’ve ever written. There are about ten different versions and I can’t decide on which one. It’s a good song, the lyrics are great.

WHAT’S your favourite Oasis video?
STEVE SMITH, by email

Liam: I think all our videos are sh*t. It’s not that I don’t like doing them, just that they’re always sh*t.

Noel: The Importance of Being Idle because I’m not in it. I f***ing hate doing videos.

WHAT is the craziest night you have had with another band?

Liam: New York with Kasabian and Jet. It was mental. We were jumping off the bar and just acting like three-year-olds. It was a top night.

Gem: Liam’s birthday in America with Jet and Kasabian. We had a massive party. Half the people there were on acid. We were in the middle of the desert and midgets gave Liam his birthday cake and made up their own midget rap! They were stood on a table, rapping to Liam. It was one of those moments that you join a band for.

Noel: With Kasabian — every night on the American tour we kissed the sky. I’d tour with them the rest of my days. Tom Meighan is a colossal geezer. There are similarities between Tom and Liam, and me and Serge. I love that band. It reminds me of when I first met The Verve.

FOLLOWING Liam’s success as a song writer, does Noel see Oasis’s future in the hands of the younger brother?
JOE BIRCHLEY, Nottingham

Liam: I don’t think I’m a songwriter; I just do what I do. I just do my little thing with my guitar in a room I think it’s the b******s of course but if Noel thinks it’s all right to go on the record then it goes on. I’m not arsed either way because I get my kicks from singing songs. I’d never do my own records as it’s got to be Oasis.

Noel: Maybe yes. He said: “No” because he’s a lightweight but in the studio he’s always giving how good he is. But when it comes down to it he’s a sh** arse. He could carry it but he won’t because he hasn’t got the nerve.

RAZORLIGHT, Kasabian and the Arctic Monkeys all say they wouldn’t be in bands today if it hadn’t been for Oasis. How proud does it make you feel?
KEVIN QUINN, Edinburgh

Liam: It makes me proud when it comes from Kasabian but not f****** Razorlight.

Noel: It makes me proud as I love all those groups and The Coral too.


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