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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Noel Gallagher - East Touch - February 2006

Well I've done the best I could. Music, touring, band members, families, Big Brother wasn't interested in talking about any of those. Guess I can't blame him - with DBTT selling millions and winning appraises, as well as a sold-out Asian tour, who would bother doing a phone interview with you? Especially it's Oasis we're talking about here? More specifically, Noel Gallagher?

How's the psychedelic EP you're planning to release this summer coming along? Why would you go psychedelic this time?
We were supposed to record some of the better songs that didn't make it into the record, but sorry, that plan has been postponed, cos we're too damn lazy. I wanna take a whole bloody year off! As for psychedelic, the bands that I like: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Small Faces...they're all very psychedelic to me. I'm not into the hippy things people like Pink Floyd did.

DBTT was much better received than the last two albums? Why do you think that is so? Are you gonna play more of the songs from it during this tour?
Well simply because it's an all-round a better and more interesting album, you know what I mean? Yeah we'll play about 7 or 8 songs from there, the rest, as usual, are some of our greatest hits.

This album feels more mellow. Is this an indication of your current state of mind?
Yeah, in a way. TIOBI is about being me, now. But you know, I hate sitting down and analysing music like this. To me, you either like a song or you don't.

Oasis has been in this formation for quite a while now. Is this tour working quite well? We heard you're getting along better with Liam too...
It is. It's a lot smoother this time. You could say I'm getting along with Liam, but that doesn't mean we'll sit down to have tea. No, we aren't kicking each other in the face, that's all.

You've all got families. Do you always feel like going back to visit them when you're on tour?
Yeah of cos I miss my missus, but this is what I do for a living, travelling around the world, you know. I don't know how others feel, probably the same, may be more.

What kind of music have you been listening to during the tour?
(fell silent for 30 seconds)....(started talking to someone else)...Well we do listen to music, but I can't remember what now. Why don't you just write that we listen to The Beatles? (What do you think of Arctic Monkeys and Ashcroft's new albums?)...Yeah I've heard them...they're alright....tell you what, I don't find any of the new stuff interesting, I hope I get to hear something good this year.

You'll be playing in a brand new stadium in Hong Kong. Do you prefer playing in large venues or small clubs?
I love the coziness of playing in a stadium, especially outdoor ones, but I don't like it too large or you can't even see the crowds.

You've been to Hong Kong before, what were your impressions? Or do all Asian cities look the same to you?
To be honest I don't remember a thing, except that we all had a great time. My favourite city has got to be Cambodia. I'm looking forward to Singapore and Korea cos I haven't been there before. I love coming to Asia if not for the food alone!

Oasis is often regarded as the best live band. Which band plays the best live to you? Ever felt beaten by anyone in that aspect?
I would say U2. I've seen them play a few times and they do know how to get the crowds going. And no...I'm not as interested in other people's music as you might think.

Are you looking for someone as the band's permanent drummer? And you still have contacts with those members who've left?
No, not for the moment. As far as I'm concerned Zak is already our drummer. And why should I talk to those guys? Ok let's say that for some reason, I just wouldn't do that.


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